Past Research Projects

Religiosity Among Georgian Youth

Principal Investigator Ketevan Gurchiani; Participants Elene Gavashelishvili, Mariam Darchiashvili, Nino Rcheulishvili. Funded by the Rustaveli National Scientific Foundation, 2015-2018.
The aim of the project was to create and analyze a holistic picture of everyday religiosity among Georgian youth. For this, the projects posed a number of research questions: How is religisoty manifested in everyday life? What is the nature of religious diversity, which constructs everydayness? What kind of meanings do people ascribe to rituals, symbols, and how this impacts their mood and life? What is the role of Orthodox Christianity in all these? Based on this research, a team has published an edited volume, which you can download here:

Internet link of the book published within the project